Airsoft Equipment Supplier in Glasgow Southside

We are a small local airsoft equipment supplier.  We may be small but we are able to get most things - even if not listed on website!  Should you not be able to find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us

Owned and operated by an Airsoft Enthusiast

Fair and Inclusive pricing guarateed

We aim to include everyone at every level - from complete Airsoft beginners, to those with years of experiance.

I’ve been an airsofter for many years and have tried in the past to start up this business with the main goal of making it an inclusive sport, ensuring fair pricing on all goods.

LT Airsoft also aims to encourage new people to get involved in what we do, through working with sites and suppliers trying to drum up the acknowledgment of the sport to show that it can be and is for everyone!  From a one-off trial for a stag or hen do’s, to the call of duty/battlefield player and even the Fortnite and Apex legends players.

We believe everyone will have fun running around a woodland field or indoor at a CQB site.