S.W.A.T. – B.F.G.X. Impact Grenade

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The .S.W.AT. – V.T.G.-B.F.G.X. is not on the longest acronym know but belongs to the latest creation from s.w.a.t.

This blank firing impact grenade is cross compatible with the .S.WA.T. – V.T.G. Timed version.

Being the smallest impact on the market, it also boasts the lightest and as standard it comes 12 gauge capable and comes with the full set of adapter allowing the user the option of 9mm and primer .209 shells centre fire capabilities.

Lovingly referred to as the tumbler we branded this product as the tumble by way of its recommended deployment which can be found in their most excellent instructions, which can be found at this link

Each s.w.a.t. tumble ( r ) comes in its own tube with a set of full instructions and also safety pin assembly, and 2 adapters and the custom s.w.a.t. patch.

Specifically designed to impact not just against hard surfaces but soft ground as tested by team s.w.a.t. (as long as you follow the instructions for deployment 😊

And the other plus is that the beautiful shape and grip feel, is bested by the fact it has no wobble cap, so no heavy metal, the construct is aircraft grade alloy and stainless steel inertia system in the impact internals.

Comes standard with laser etching at the base which says “FUCK YOU” excuse the profanity but this was decided as the recipient will read this and reply with Poops or similar, we do however provide the F.U. as standard but also provide a grip pad for the base, in case you don’t want to offend of be offended.

And of course we offer blank options which we can laser engrave with your own name if required for a small fee.

We refuse the right not to sell any blank firing devices to the general public.

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