Novritsch SSP5


The Novritsch SSP5 is a pistol that will make you want to sell your other rifles.

Capacity: 31 BBs with standard Gas Magazine.
6.01, TDC, one-piece chamber.
Fast recoil for fast people.
CNC, lots of it.
Full Steel trigger assembly.
Extensive video library with courses and guides.
Vienna-based Tech support (actual airsoft players).
Designed by passionate Airsoft players in Vienna, Austria.

6“ version
Power: 1J – 1.5J (0.25g – 0.40g, Green Gas)
Recommended BBs: 0.40g for long-range and 0.32g for CQB
Unique split-slide solution
Reliable, High-performing and precise
Snappy but easy to control

5.1“ version
Power: 1-1.2J (0.25g – 0.40g Green Gas)
Recommended BBs: 0.32g
Lower power makes it perfect for CQB
IPSC close division legal
Standard high capa size
Better portability and mobility
High gas efficiency due to lower power
For more information about the specifics, check out this page.

The SSP5 should only be used with CO2 magazine for <15°C


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